A downloadable astlan-2012 for Windows

Astlan is a gravity game for PC.

The gameplay is all about controlling a ship versus the inertia and gravity. The challenge of flying your way through the levels was made exciting and fun thanks to an physics & level design.

The fuel that powers the ship is limited, and the energy of the ship will go down on each collision. Dealing with the fuel consumption and the ship's life condition, the player must fly through 24 levels, avoid walls & traps, collect some special items and then land properly

Artistically speaking, the visuals are not meant to be ultra-realistic. A simple cartoonish color scheme was developed.
The game itself happens in a 2D play-field, and the visuals are all handled in 3D, offering a depth experience that make it more compelling but does not overwhelm the gameplay.

Authors :
Francois Gutherz (Design, code & 3D art)
Emmanuel Julien (3D engine)
Camille Coq (2D art)

This game was developed during the years 2011-2020, inspired by the feedbacks & energy of the amazing TigSource community. The development is currently paused.

2020/04/08: Udpated the Windows version (added the XInput DLL).

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Tags2D, 3D, Gravity, inertia, Low-poly, Physics, platforms, thrust, Zero Gravity


Astlan-2012-prototype-Win32-2020update.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Download the file, unzip it and double-click on START.EXE
Windows only, from Win7 to Win10. Should work on a recent PC.


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No one home?

You might want to find some of my stuff (old and recent-ish) on my github : https://github.com/astrofra

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Great graphics. Controls a bit touchy for an old fellow (70 yrs).  What happened to Gamestart?  I have some of the betas still and was very interested back then. It just disappeared! Did it evolve into Harfang?  I also downloaded Mediecross. Great graphics there too.

Hi :)
Yep, part of the code of GameStart became HARFANG.
It's not the same engine, but it has some common concept and philosophy.

There was an idea (by me) to reboot ASTLAN using HARFANG, but, well, other plans came in the way :)

Maybe one day I will reboot this project.